“…an endlessly changing horizon,”

“for each day to have a new and different sun.”  -Chris McCandless in a letter to Ron Franz.

I reread this line the other day, and I thought about what it means to live a life of constant change.  Is that transcendental?  Is it strange? What does one learn from waking up in a new place everyday.  I don’t know (remember).

This image of a sunset is not mine. However, I am not violating copyright law because I used https://search.creativecommons.org/ to find it. It is licensed for me to use it however I like. Please do the same for any images you use.

McCandless might tell me that I have been “conditioned by a secure future.” A house, a job, a good dog; they all factor in to not going on the road and living life adventurously. Read his whole letter here.

Of course, I have many responsibilities that prevent me from going on the road.  But there was a time…

Ah, no, not gonna write about the past. Instead, my changing horizon lately has been riding public transportation to school each day. My car recently overheated in Michigan, so I had to leave it there. For the week that followed, I rode my bike the seven miles to school. It has been fun, but I tried something new this week.

The Transpo #9 line travels east from South Bend to Bittersweet and Vistula in Osceola, just about a half mile from Penn High School.  I pick up the bus at IUSB, about a mile from my house.  It is a quick and convenient ride. I recommend anyone in its path to give it a try in the spirit of changing your horizon.




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