Vamos a la playa!

Mi clase de Espanol es muy excellente!

One can post about any of their classes, and by choosing their category appropriately, they can organize it under that menu item.  Read more about this idea in this post.

Penn students create many of their documents in the PHM administered , Google provided, Drive environment.

If you are doing a homework assignment for your Spanish class, chances are that you are writing it in Google Docs. Because Penn is a one-to-one school using Chromebooks, everyone is saving their work to the cloud.  But let’s say you want to post that writing on your website as well. What do you do?

Copying and pasting is an easy way to go about it. You will have to manage your images separately, but that is no big deal.  A second way to consider is adding WordPress for Google Drive to your Chrome extensions list.

One problem it solves is publishing to your blog when you are offline. If I understandit correctly, you can use Google’s offline mode to write when you are out of connectivity, and then, when you are back in WIFI, it will publish your doc and a post in Draft mode.  Pretty cool, if it works.  I am not currently using this extension, so if you use it as a beta tester, let me know how it goes in class!

I would like to close this article with the acknowledgement that it is in the Foreign Language section of the web site in order to prove the point about categorization. I know, it is mostly about Google Drive, WordPress, and productivity, but that is okay. The goal is to get users thinking about how to use the WordPress environment as their means of showcasing their work.


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